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A tale goes that St. Patrick returned from his journey down the mountain known as Croagh Patrick to be met by a gathering of menacing snakes. Eager to rid the island of such evil, St. Patrick drove all the snakes out to sea with such power and fury that his reputation began to proceed himself. 

Upon hearing of the saint, the Oilliphéist (Irish oll, meaning 'great', and péist, meaning 'fabulous beast, monster) abandoned his post with enough force that his trail cut the River Shannon. The Oilliphéist's farewell was so quick and reckless that he unknowingly swallowed a drunken piper named Ó Ruairc on his way out! Of course, the drunkard carrying on laughing and dancing the whole way down, ultimately catching the attention of the sea serpent and was spat back out just in time. 

Vicious Fishes Brewery and Doherty’s Irish Pub have joined forces to collaborate on an Irish Stout celebrating St. Patrick’s Day.


 Oilliphéist Irish Stout is a taproom exclusive, available only at both Doherty’s locations in Cary & Apex and Vicious Fishes locations starting on the weekend of: 

St. Patrick’s Day 2019

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